Member Rules and Guidelines

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Member Rules and Guidelines

Post by Mr. Anime Library on Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:55 pm

Being a Mr. Anime Library FORUM Member must follow these Rules and Guidelines.

Do not Post/About Hentai or showing harassing and sexual contents.
You will be blocked right away.

Do not use other Languages. Only English Language is allowed.

Never Post/Reply with Bad words.

Respect everyones Opinion.

HATER' s are not welcome.
If you are being a Anime and Manga hater and only Register yourself to say your Opinion, Do Not Join in this FORUM please.You will be blocked.

Do not Advertise
Advertising about your (new) Web, Blog, Channel and etc.. are not allowed.You're post would be deleted. If you still post then you will be blocked.

• When you post a Topic, questions and etc... you must write your country at the end of your Post with a hashtag '#' .


Hi, I'm the New Member of this Forum nice to meet you all !

Thank you for reading the Rules and Guidelines and for Joining this FORUM.

Keep supporting Mr. Anime Library by

Visiting our web :

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Enjoy for being our Member ! :-)

Mr. Anime Library

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